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Premium Kiosks

and ATM Machines

Get state of the arts custom advanced
technology for your business.


Custom Projects

Custom projects are welcome to fit your concepts and business needs.

Monitor coinlogiq

Second Monitor

Sell advertising on the top monitor for additional ROI.

Payment Functionality

Exchange cash for your sales and increase business productivity.

white label

Custom Branding

Optional customer-specific color scheme and branding.

Customer Support

Bilingual customer support for the end user and owner.

Multilingual Machines

Additional language text options so that you can globally provide for your customers.

Why Buy Your Kiosk
Technology From CoinLogiq?

There are two principal reasons why you should buy your Kiosk CoinLogiq. We offer multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs to generate more revenue with their ATMs. We are equally committed to supporting our customers after their purchase.



We recognize the future of merchandising and digital kiosk exist in technology most used by every population. Touchscreen features are used every single day by people around the globe and therefore we know that with user friendly technology for digital kiosk that we are reducing the need for a learning curve.


Over the next decade merchandising on most continents will include self serve checkout kiosk, touchscreen ATM machines, and interfaces for many other daily uses for customers and end users.


We utilize our own in house technology team for custom projects and yet utilize the world’s greatest hardware teams match our state of the arts tailored software. In today’s disruptive markets many occasions require the need for custom projects. Custom projects allow for our clients to have greater control in matching kiosk to their strategic approach to more sales and productive revenue growth.

Support For The Kiosk/ATM
Owner & The Customer

As one of our valued customers, you get access to customer support in both English and Spanish to enhance your experience. Your customers also have access to our support team for any questions they have about using the machines kiosk when appropriate such as ATM support. This makes the purchasing process for our client’s customers more pleasurable.


Upon ordering your first kiosk you’ll receive a free market analysis that will help you understand the Kiosk landscape of the market you’ll operate in. Additionally, we offer consultation to assist you with choosing the best usage for your kiosk that will get you the best results.


When you purchase a kiosk, ATM, or POS from us, one of our experts will train you on operating the machine and you’ll get access to video tutorials with all the information you need to succeed.

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